(Production of Music videos, Music Shows , Feature films and TV series, Licensor, …)

The company C E N T E N A R I U S Entertainment Department Movies produces Music videos, Feature films and TV series.

We do not accept commissioned work.
So far we have only shot music videos.
But we are different and we call it Art movies with a commercial touch

Two films are planned for 2023:


Madhouse is a refreshingly mischievous and politically incorrect, partly surrealistic, French glamourous, dramedy-crime-comedy feature film whose main content is the music, film, literature, dance and visual arts, as well as the special kind of DINING ..Incl. the main actors Lilith and RasPUTIN!

The film music consists mostly of our Gold /Platinum Composers.


A film about the life (Autobiography) of a crazy drunken ítalian wine merchant that is quite outlandish and has a Hollywood star cast.
The film music consists mostly of our Gold/Platinum Composers.

„A Crazy Short Music Show Vol. 1“

In 2022 we shot our first music show which will be broadcast in 2023.
With the bands VOICE OF PEACE & CCCP …

Your host Daniel Mouson