The publisher

CENTENARIUS Entertainment

does not print any books and is therefore climate neutral.
Of course, many want to hold a book in their hands. 
We say that if we make exceptions everywhere, our planet will soon cease to exist.

Even if it’s not even a drop in the ocean.
We lead by example.

The Publisher


The author Hamlet Jensen (i.a. film music composer, producer, scientist, ecotrophologists, prepper, believer and freethinker, autodidact, dyslexics and dyscalcics, …) has completely withdrawn from his former life since the end of 2014.
His life, which he led as an artist under a pseudonym, was popular worldwide. 

In seclusion, he enjoys the anonymity of his work, which is now exclusively performed as a composer and author. He is not available for any conversations and has also made himself unrecognizable in the age of digital and artificial intelligence. Questions and suggestions are answered and discussed by the publisher CENTENARIUS.